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In Blood In Battle

by Validor

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    The tales of Validor come again to life through the brand new powerful production of Bob Katsionis and the stunning artwork of Kostas Tsiakos.
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Since men walked the earth fought with glorious weapons, to claim the right to become immortal Fathers and sons, brothers and enemies all thy heroes shall live again And under the sign all those who died by fire and steel shall fly by the wind Up from the sky valkyries fly carrying within, the Riddle of Steel
I ride alone into the dark in place where evil rise Sword of storm now I command to come and take my side Hammered by the wrath of Gods I'm here to take revenge from the land where noone rest in triumph I'll return [Chorus:] Grant me wind and fire and take me to the sky with fire in my eyes in hell I ride I ain't come here to take your life I came to take your soul Lord of chaos come to me come and face my storm I look into my enemies and with a smile I say "Goodbye my friends don't be afraid I'll see you all again. IN HELL!" [Chorus] I ride alone into the dark in place where evil rise Sword of Storm, GREAT VALIDOR! come and take my side I'm here to crush your unholy gates revenge I'll take in blood from the raging storm I came in storm I shall be gone [Chorus]
Remember well the glorious times of days long past. Cursed by the gods to lose everything I love I am a king, a king who rides always alone you took my sword and now the storm is coming through From the dust of time to the veils of darkness a sword was made by chaos to destroy chaos. The Gods fearing thy sword sentenced it to exile. And now the sword returned to find a new master, the one who burnt his land and denied his own kingdom. Elric... the Last Emperor... of Melnibone! Storms of fire Rising skies, burn my eyes Sons of death Come to me, take my side Great desire Watch them die as I ride Death shall rise You took my sword And the storm now is coming I will bring Slavery, death and pain The blood of kings Through my veins, warm is running Fear my name! with the storm Nemesis ride like Thunder Blow the horn Let the slaughter begin Take in war All the glory of Valhalla Ride with Power, Kill with Fire! Dragons fly Fly with me for a last time By my sign with your fire attack Demon rise come to me take my side Now I command you to rise! [Chorus] Wings of the Storm I ask for a sign So long alone In darkness I ride Lords of the world Your secrets are mine Beware my return For now it's my time With the storm Nemesis ride like thunder! Blow the horn Let the slaughter begin In this war I will die holy mother Now scream! Battlecries! And the Gates open wide To the skies! With my dragon I fly Terror strikes! And the Gods now must die DIE! DIE! Storms of fire! in my eyes, burn the skies Great desire! watch them die as I ride Now the Power! Of Valhalla is mine MINE! MINE! Sword of Storms! Has returned from the darkland Kill the lords! Fly again to my hand Take their souls! from my revenge drink their blood
He is coming to your town carrying a black magic steel never deny his crown Hail to the Fire king [Chorus] He is the Stealer of Souls! He owns the night He is the Stealer of Souls! The Stealer of Souls! White hair and flashing eyes the power of hell on his side only his steel decides who lives and who dies [Chorus] He is the Stealer of Souls! He owns the night He is the Stealer of Souls! Death rises wherever he rides Avenger take us to the eternal sky Avenger lead us to the other side this is our only way take us to the sky, so far away
Now the wind will lead our ship to mythic lands in ancient times we cross like hell the raging sea through waves so tall that touch the skies Our fate was written on the stars which now in the dark they're light our way their magic light is summon us but still we are so far away We must avoid the seven seas that lead straight to the land of the dead cause in this place there is no shield to escape from the black scarecrow of death [Chorus:] On to the sea we search for the truth As we sail far away from our home Oh mighty wind stop frighten our souls and guide our ship through the storm Our pirate flag is free up high skulls and crossbones through the night and as it waves across the sky remind us that we'll never die Breathing hard in hoard frost find a star before we lost only one thing keep your mind never leave your dreams behind [Chorus] ...and suddenly the skies darkened and the night became alive...the wind blew with fury and waves wild and cold as the death pulled them to the bottom of ocean in the land of the unburried dead who are still seeking the surface...then a frozen gate opened leading them to the kingdom of death. In a throne made by souls sit the Lord of Abyss, dark as shadow, keeping the secrets of sea in his madness... I WELCOME YOU TO MY KINGDOM OF DEATH. DO NOT NEVER TRY TO ESCAPE FROM YOUR HUMID GRAVES AND NEVER OPOSE IN MY WILL. FOR YOU ARE JUST MORTALS AND I AM A GOD ALL THE POWERS OF THE WORLD CAN'T OVERCOME AS LONG AS I AM IN SEA CHOOSE TO DISPUTE ME OR CHOOSE TO ACCEPT MY GREATNESS...CHOOSE TO BE DEAD OR CHOOSE TO BE IMMORTALS!!!! Black sails to open sea Dark horizon calling my name Demon eyes are watching me As the wind blows hard through my hair Triumphfull Gods of frozen seas our quest upon this earth has ended we fought with steel monsters and beasts and now we lead the hearts of men Our fate was written on the stars which now in the dark they're light our way their magic light is summon us but still we are so far away [Chorus]
Back to the grimness in a world that has moved on the only thing you see is a direful damnation Love and beauty left and chaos took control Now there's no hope there's no salvation From all the spheres the black thirteen will rule the world called by the crimson king the one who stands on fire speeding across the blinding desert for so long a lonely warrior seeking the Dark Tower [Chorus:] I don't kill with my gun I kill with my heart I don't aim with my eyes I aim with my mind I walk alone to the dark to the end of my path to take the secrets of all The Dark Tower! Between the rays that keep the balance of the worlds lies a dark place in the centre of creation Our righteous cause Is to protect the secret rose from those who want to bring to life extermination With my gun I live and with my gun I'll die walking through lands where everything is rotten keep this on your mind and maybe you'll survive your father face must never be forgotten [Chorus]
Stormbringer 04:35
This is the story of a sword who led one king in total madness created by the chaos Lord and hammered by the runes of darkness Now let me tell you for thy king also known as Dark Avenger he crossed his land by fire and steel and so his name became a legend I am the Last Emperor of Melnibone cursed by the Gods to live forever with this sword. This sword I know one day is gonna take my soul STORMBRINGER! Oh magic sword master of night STORMBRINGER! Grant me your wings and let me fly STORMBRINGER! And when the Elders Gods will die STORMBRINGER! I'm gonna catch you in the sky STORMBRINGER, STORMBRINGER! STEALER OF SOULS! I burned to the ground the Melnibone Did that for you and not for glory Without a friend without a home Let see who's gonna tell my story My love I know you're not alive But in my heart you'll live forever And now I hope after this life To find you and reign again together I never wished to leave in ashes my birthland. What I felt that night you'll never understand. so here I am alone to make my final stand
A son from North to win the Aquilonia throne to crush them all to bring the war upon the world I am a king, I always ride against the wind I have no fear, I am hammered by the wrath of Steel Steel and sword, axe, shield and stone came to bring the world at war men and beasts, slaves and false kings, I will bring you to your knees Feel the wrath! The wrath of steel No man I fear to noose I will never kneel No God I need as long as I can wield my steel So here I am come and kill me if you can the time has come face me in the battle and you're fucked! I lift my hammer in the sky a steel of blood and thunder you will not kill me I cannot die in battle I'm the Master
Forgive me Mother, I had to leave for war Valhalla awaits, for those who heard thy call Forgive me Mother, I had to follow war And now I march through fire So far away from home. Now mother see your son Is king to the battle pure fucking fire-FIRE!! Glory is calling as I strike like thunder I'm total power Steel is on my side - I into glory ride In blood, through blood, in battle I know only the strong will survive we crush we kill we conquer we arrived, none of you will be left…alive With steel and stone riding the storm we came to leave our mark upon this sick old world Ten thousands warriors we march through the night...under the sign... Lift your hammers high - keep the faith alive Across the ring of gold free lies a secret place so far away where the Gods sing for our pride After this life shall grant us wings and let us fly to find our way up high to the sky ...up to the sky Into the blood of battle hundred warriors fight and die as one The steel becomes the master And the fire the true son of the sun [Chorus] Now as I'm ready to take my last breath, wounded by spear and sword, I scream your name open wide thy gates and embrace your fallen son... For to no man or any god I never kneeled! Fire, we march for so long Fire, into the fire we belong HAIL!


The return of the underground cult classic debut of Validor!
All re-recorded*, mixed and mastered with stunning new original artwork by Kostas Tsiakos (Warlord, Dexter Ward, Born Of Fire)
Originally released in 2011 by Eat Metal Records.

*Only Drums/Guitars/Bass/Keyboards were re-recorded.
Vocals and solos remained the same in order to preserve the spirit and raw power of the original recording.


released April 6, 2020

All Music & Lyrics by Odi Thunderer
Drums, Bass, Guitars & Keys re-recorded at Sound Symmetry Studio, Jan-Feb 2020
Produced and mixed by Bob Katsionis
Mastered by Nasos Nomikos

Odi Thunderer : Vocals, Guitars
Bob Katsionis, Lead Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Apollo Giannoulis: Drums & Classical Percussion


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Validor Athens, Greece

Validor is a Greek Heavy/Epic/Speed Metal band led by guitarist/singer Odi Thunderer.

After 3 sold-out albums "In blood In Battle" (2011), "Dawn Of The Avenger" (2012), "Hail To Fire" (2016), Odi returns to producer Bob Katsionis to properly record and mix the debut album giving it justice!
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